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Why to travel in Goa During this Monsson?

Whenever Goa is being planned, the main attraction is its beaches. And even in this, if you see a beach soaking in the rain, how beautiful will that scene be? In fact, Goa is located on the Konkan coast of India, so it receives a lot of rainfall. In a real sense, it is better to visit Goa in June or July as the beauty of Goa is more intense during the monsoon. If you look at the monsoon period here, it starts from the end of May and lasts till September. The whole of Goa is full of natural beauty, surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of sea waves. One of the obvious benefits of visiting Goa during the monsoon is that you will not find the crowds of people disturbing your peace. And the best part is that the atmosphere in Goa in the month of June makes everything just perfect. Monsoon is considered as the off-season over here so you will be able to get a good discount when you are looking for a hotel or resort near the beach. There is a lot to know about this fascinating place and why Goa should be visited during monsoon is explained here.

The Rip-roaring Seas:
This word depicts a stormy sea which gets stronger during the monsoon season. It is a pleasure to sit on the beach and watch. In the summer and winter we play between the waves of slippery water, in monsoon the same water looks quite different. However with a little care you can even dive into this stormy water.

Grassy Goa:
The monsoon season fills Goa with greenery. This greenery leaves the beach behind and draws travelers to the countryside. This type of greenery forces you to look at Goa from a different perspective. It provides coolness to the eyes and give peace to the mind.

Travel and Accommodation:
The obvious advantage of going to Goa during the monsoon season is that you can get cheap flight tickets as well as hotel rooms or resorts to stay on a discount rate. Mostly you will get approx 50% discount in the five star hotels because you won’t find too many travelers in Goa in June or July. During the season, almost all of us must have faced the pain of booking Goa tickets. So the time has come to see this Goa city bathed in rain water.

Exciting Nightlife and Parties during Monsoon in Goa:
The good news for party lovers is that the party will be in full swing even during the monsoons in Goa. In fact, monsoon nights are best for party lovers as the weather stays favorable all night long. Brittos, Love Passion Karma, St. Anthony’s, Mambo’s and Tito’s are some places where you will find most of the tourists and party lovers enjoying the party vibe to the fullest. Keep in mind that the party never ends in Goa and so do the nightlife. If you are a fan of live music then Candolim has Hip Cohib Bar and Kitchen which is a different kind of fun to watch, but if you are fond of retro music, you will
find a good cafe near Baga Beach. Such amenities and intoxicating atmosphere make Goa’s Nightlife dynamic and even quieter.

Inexpensive of Rental Cars and Motorbikes:
When we are going to explore a new place and even a place like Goa, the biggest question is transportation. Options like taxi and bus will undoubtedly be available to you but it will also have some limitations. They will be like an obstacle to get to the desired place. But if you want to rent a vehicle,

you will have many options. If you know about scooter and car rentals during the season, you will understand how much more it is. So the monsoon is the right season for cost cutting on rent. Experience the freedom in Goa by paying a very cheap price to rent the car or scooter you like. Places to visit during monsoon in Goa

Wildlife sanctuary:
There is no set time to visit the Goa Sanctuary as it is open all year round. But in the monsoon it becomes more adventurous. One of the popular sanctuaries of Goa is the Mhadei Wildlife which is located in North Goa near Valpoi. A large number of Bengal tigers are found in this sanctuary. Apart from this, there is another wildlife sanctuary named Bhagwan Mahavir near the Goa-Karnataka border. There is only one month in the whole year when you do not feel tired after visiting such places as you do not feel the heat and even nature is nailed to the sixteen arts because of the rain. In addition to these two sanctuaries there is a Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary which is very popular to visit in June and July. Not only tourists but also school children come to see. Near these areas you will find Deer Park, Mini Zoo and many beautiful natural trails which will give you the perfect experience of hiking. For adventurous individuals, safari in the dense tropical forests is one of the classic

Continuity of Celebrations and Festivals:
The greatest feature of any place is its own culture. And the easiest and interesting way to learn about the culture of the place is the festivals there. So many festivals take place here during this period of time but the most popular one is Sao Joao which is celebrated at the end of June. So if you
attend this festival during the monsoon season, you will see a wonderful view. In which you’ll see men jumping into a local flowing well to get some kind of Fanny alcohol. Locals celebrating this festival will be seen wearing crowns of leaves and fruits on their heads with drinks in their hands. This festival held a paramount importance in Christianity. Immediately after this celebration, the festival of St. Peter is celebrated on 29th June. A big feast is held after the church service is over. Apart from this there is another well known festival which is known as Bonderam Flag Festival. This is especially celebrated near Panjim. This festival includes a colorful parade with flags of various colors tagged with the city’s famous local band. Not only this, popular festival like Ganesh Chaturthi is also celebrated here in the month of August.

Spice Plantations:
This is the precious jewel of Goa which you can chase when you are not across the beach. One of the most famous spice gardens in Goa is the Savoi Plantation which is located 40 km away from Calangute in Ponda. To reach there you can take a short drive through lush valleys and tropical forests which will also be a pleasant experience. There you will find a cashew distillery to visit. Soon after the tour is over you can enjoy the popular Goan Saraswat Bhojan which is a kind of traditional meal. It will be served at the Sadafuli Restaurant in the plantation itself. For all these reasons the
spice plantation has become one of the most popular places to see in Goa in June.

The Dudhsagar Falls:
Anyone who has a question in mind as to what can be worth seeing in Goa other than the
beach gets the answer after seeing this waterfall. This eye-catching waterfall seems to come alive in the rainy season. This Dudhsagar water fall is located near Panaji and Madgaon.

Anjuna & Vagator:
Both of these beaches, contrary to their basic nature, have a sense of hospitality even during the monsoons. While sitting on rocky Anjuna and having a look at sea water which is mixing along with the rain drops is a magnificent experience. If you have come to pass peaceful holidays, away
from the hustle and bustle of the world, Vagator will also be a good option. The noticeable thing is that there are many hotels on this beach that are open all year round.

Fun with River Cruises:
In addition you can even have a special dinner along with a wine in your hand at one of the best cruise of Goa.

The monsoon season in Goa means full of romance. Especially in the month of June, the experience of nature and pleasant atmosphere of Goa leaves a deep impression in the mind. There are very few places in India that are as attractive as Goa. People who have an immense love for nature will not miss to visit places like beach even in monsoon season. And as we all know that the presence of rains makes the atmosphere in Goa even more exciting.